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Today's Offers is the perfect tool to communicate your deals and promotions effectively. Make your promos accessible and watch your business grow.

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Customers look for
the offers of the day

Immediately communicate your offers within the shortest amount of time possible. Display all your deals in a single place, with no distractions.


Promote without

Present all your offers in a single place and ensure all customers are aware of all the deals happening.

Features every online store needs and more

From scheduling to discount coupon integration, it all comes standard


Change the look & feel of your offers easily to match your branding.

Schedule Offers

Set start time for your offers, and they will appear automatically on your store


Works on any store, in any language. Fully translatable.

Hidable on Select Pages

Only show offers on the pages you want

Responsive for mobile

Your visitors can view your offers on the phone, tablet & desktop.


Watch your business grow

Today's Offers will become a core component of your online store and customers will get into the habit of reviewing current deals from an easily accessible location.

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